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HP Mini 110-3000 Laptop Batteries



HP Mini 110-3000 netbooks were designed to be a scaled down, budget-friendly version of HPs popular Mini 1000 line of netbook computers when they debuted in 2009. Despite being small with a screen size of about 10 inches and a device weight of about 2 � pounds, this netbook is able to hold a 160GB hard drive, 1GB of memory and a 1.6GHz processor. The primary function of netbooks is Web surfing but other tasks such as working on documents can be accomplished. Multimedia playback can also be done on the netbook, but the smaller screen is not necessarily optimal for enjoying DVDs. HP Mini 110-3000 netbooks use three-cell and six-cell lithium ion batteries. The three-cell batteries allowed for about two hours 20 minutes of use before the netbook had to be attached to AC adapter for recharging. The six-cell battery provides about five hours of use before draining. One of the key advantages to netbooks is their lightweight and the six-cell batteries add to the size and weight of the device, to the detriment of some users.

If the added weight is no concern, six-cell batteries are a great option for netbook users who do not want to be tethered to an electrical outlet. The replacement batteries at USB Phone World are new 10.8V lithium ion batteries that are 100 percent OEM compatible. The six-cell batteries are black and have a capacity of 4400mAh. These batteries are also guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications and they come with a 12-month warranty with the option of purchasing a three-year warranty. In addition to the large selection and great prices at USB Phone World, another benefit with purchasing your replacement batteries with us is that many of our batteries are available for shipping the same business day as when the order is received.

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