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HP Pavilion ZT3000/NX7000 Laptop Replacement Battery

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HP pavilion zt3000 nx7000 Laptop Battery


An HP Pavilion ZT3000 battery replacement for your laptop computer is an economical way to breathe new life into an older device. The original batteries on these laptops were eight-cell, 4.4wH lithium ion batteries that provided very good battery life at three hours. Our replacement batteries for the HP Pavilion ZT3000 laptop and HP Pavilion NX7000 laptop are new eight-cell lithium ion batteries that have a voltage of 14.8V and a capacity of 4400mAh. The HP Pavilion ZT3000 and HP Pavilion NX7000 are basically the same laptop computers. One computer — the ZT3000 — is considered a multimedia computer while the NX7000 is more for business use. Both models are housed in the same style of case, weighing 6.5 pounds, and they share similar features such as large, comfortable keyboards and touchpad design. The ZT3000 entered the market in late 2003 and the NX7000 debuted in early 2004. The exceptional battery life on these models will be the same three hours as all USP Phone World replacement batteries are 100 percent OEM compatible and are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. These HP Pavilion Zt3000 batteries are compatible with a number of HP computers that are situated within the ZT3000 and NX7000 series. If you are not sure which replacement battery to purchase, you can easily find the correct battery by entering the original battery’s model number in the search tool at USB Phone World. All compatible batteries will be displayed. Each product description also includes lists of compatible batteries and laptop models, so if you have this information on your laptop, you will be able to determine the best replacement battery for your needs.

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