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HP Pavilion ZD7000 12-Cell Laptop Replacement Battery

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HP Pavilion ZD7000 Battery Replacement HP Pavilion ZD7000 can no longer be substituted by other versions thanks to stable and secure work situations.


If you own an HP Pavilion ZD7000 laptop computer and are in the market for a replacement battery, consider buying a 12-cell battery from USB Phone World. Our 12-cell lithium ion batteries will provide you with extra oomph in the battery run time arena, allowing you to operate the computer for several hours before plugging into an AC charger. HP Pavilion ZD7000 laptop computers were designed with entertainment in mind as evidenced by the massive screen on this laptop. In addition to the wide screen, this laptop has a DVD burner, handheld remote and inputs for various cables including FireWire, S-Video and USB 2.0. Weighing more than nine pounds, these laptops seem better suited to replace desktop computers rather than being portable machines. Our 12-cell lithium ion batteries are new and have voltages of 14.8V and capacities of 6600mAh. These batteries are fully compatible with HP Pavilion ZD7000 laptops and are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Our HP ZD7000 long life batteries come with a one year warranty and or customers can purchase a three-year warranty for an added measure of insurance. These HP Pavilion ZD7000 high capacity batteries can serve as replacement batteries for the series of laptops within the ZD7000 series including HP Pavilion ZD7228EA, HP Pavilion ZD7310CA and HP Pavilion ZD7375EA-PH988EA systems. All of our battery descriptions contain detailed information including the compatible batteries and compatible systems for each battery. If your battery product number appears in the list of compatible batteries, you have selected the correct replacement battery. USB Phone World has provided all of this information to make your purchase of replacement batteries as easy as possible. If you need assistance with your battery purchase or any other matter, customer service assistance is available six days a week.

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Laptop Battery BL-5510-0227 for HP Compaq Pavilion zd7000 Evo nx9500
Price: $129.95
$69.95, 2/$132.90, 5/$325.27, 10/$629.55, 100/$5,945.75
Laptop Battery HP 338794-001 for HP Compaq Pavilion zd7000 series Evo nx9500
Price: $129.95
$72.50, 2/$137.75, 5/$337.12, 10/$652.50, 100/$6,162.50