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HP Pavilion TX1000 Laptop Replacement Batteries

HP Pavilion TX1000 Battery


HP Pavilion TX1000 laptop computers brought a cool design to the portable computer world when they were introduced in 2007. These laptops had a unique touchpad and used touch screen technology that did not require a stylus. These laptops are light, weighing about five pounds, but rather thick and the screen is small at 12 inches. These laptops were available with four-cell lithium ion batteries and six-cell lithium ion batteries. Battery life on these laptops clocked in at about two hours in rigorous testing before needing to be plugged into the AC charger. In normal use, the batteries stayed charged for almost three hours. USB Phone World has replacement batteries for these units that are brand new, four-cell units that have a capacity of 4400mAh and voltages of 7.4V. As with all of our batteries, these four-cell TX1000 batteries are 100 percent OEM compatible and are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Our four-cell replacement batteries for HP TX1000 laptop computers are also compatible with similar laptops, including those in the Pavilion TX1100 series, Pavilion TX1300 series and Pavilion TX2000 series. Complete compatibility lists for systems and batteries are provided by USB Phone World to make your shopping experience easier. If your original battery’s product number appears in the compatibility list and/or if you laptop model number appears on the list, you have found a replacement battery that is suitable for your system. All of our batteries come with a one year warranty and customers can choose to bump up their protection by purchasing a three-year warranty. Our prices are well below retail and those prices, combined with multiple shipping options have made USB Phone World the premier site for buying laptop replacement batteries.

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