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HP TouchSmart TX1000 HB Compatible Battery

HP TouchSmart TX1000 HB Battery


Portability and dependability are the two most important factors for an optimal performing HP TouchSmart TX1000 To increase power and performance, we offer high-capacity HP TouchSmart TX1000 replacement batteries to lengthen the usage time of your portable laptop. Whether you need your TouchSmart TX1000 laptop for the classroom or the boardroom, extending its life increases its functional use and dependability. The high-capacity TouchSmart TX1000 features a Grade A 8-cell design that has 7.2v and a 8800 mAh power capacity. Compared to the standby time of two hours or less of the standard HP battery, this high-capacity, 8-cell battery dramatically increases the computerís usage time and improves on the OEM specifications for the HP TouchSmart TX1000 battery. This replacement battery is also compatible with other HP laptop models, but it is important to reference the laptop and battery partís number before purchasing.

Our HP TouchSmart TX1000 HB replacement battery undergoes rigorous and comprehensive testing to ensure the battery is functioning at peak performance before shipping. Unlike other manufacturers, we also activate the battery during this testing. This activation means you will not have to cycle, or charge and discharge, the battery 3 times before using. You only need to charge the battery for 12 hours then discharge normally. To ensure your battery continues to perform at an optimal level, itís recommended to store your battery at moderate temperatures and leave it charged at 70 percent capacity, especially over extended periods.

To ensure our customerís complete satisfaction, we offer the HP TouchSmart TX1000 HB replacement battery with a 30-day return policy and a one-year warranty. USB Phone World also provides multiple shipping options for our customerís convenience.

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The best battery for HP TouchSmart TX1000 is usually the one that is very popularized by terminal users according to actual performance. In some cases, we have taken advantage of extended life laptop battery to have the actual examination in original HP notebook computers to learn about the performance in normal work conditions. On no account can we have only a little knowledgeable of this battery before making the decision and placing the order. After all, cost performance and actual effects are of great significance to users even if this HP TouchSmart TX1000 laptop battery can fit well in all these compatible laptop models. We hope we can help users to save money at the same time of pursuing for high performance and powerful functions from these electronic product and accessories. To get the best solution, please feel free to contact with our customer service.