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HP Compaq Business TC4400 6-Cell Battery

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HP Compaq Business TC4400 Battery


Replacement batteries for HP Compaq tc4400 tablet computers are extremely reliable, 100 percent compatible to the original batteries and very affordable. Our Compaq tc4400 replacement batteries are rated at 10.8V and 4400mAh and guaranteed to perform beautifully on your computer. HP Compaq tc4400 tablets were introduced as business-class machines and geared toward business travelers. The design is conservative—there are no flashy bells, whistles or graphics—and the system has enough power and storage for most business software applications. These tablets are very durable as a result of being designed with business travelers in mind. Despite their durability, these tablets weigh less than five pounds, making them easy to carry. Battery life for the original system batteries was measured at 2 ½ to three hours with Wi-Fi turned on. You can expect similar to slightly better times with these replacement batteries suitable for HP Compaq tc4400 notebooks as all of our batteries are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. HP Compaq tc4400 tablets use six-cell batteries and these batteries are small, making it very easy to carry additional batteries in your laptop bag.

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