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HP Compaq Presario R3000/ZV5000 Replacement Laptop Batteries

R3000/ZV5000 Extended Life Battery


Compaq Presario R3000 and HP Pavilion ZV5000 are popular models, and we offer our customers extended life batteries to accommodate their needs and improve the life of these models. Whether for work, school or entertainment, you are ensured a more powerful R3000/ZV5000 with our batteries. We offer 12 Grade A cells with a power capacity of 6600mAh in our extended life batteries. We also provide 8-cell and 9-cell battery models to accommodate your unique needs. As portable computers become increasingly more important in everyday life, inferior computer batteries are unacceptable. At USB Phone World, we understand the demands of customers that rely on more effective, efficient and powerful computer batteries.

For the Presario R3000 and Pavilion ZV5000, the extended life batteries’ 6600 mAh and Grade A cells offer enough power capacity to double the standby time and significantly increase charging rates. Compared to standard batteries, our extended life Li-Ion batteries can drastically improve the performance of your R3000/ZV5000 computer. These batteries are almost a must-have for school and business. In the classroom and in the boardroom, a readily available external power supply may not be option. Our extended life batteries help ensure your HP notebook computer is functioning at its peak performance.

Our Presario R3000 and Pavilion ZV5000 replacement batteries meet or exceed OEM specifications. The extended life replacement batteries are manufactured new, and R3000/ZV5000 batteries undergo rigorous, comprehensive testing to ensure their functionality and power specifications are met. Whether you are looking for a more powerful battery, a replacement battery or a back-up battery, these R3000/ZV5000 extended life batteries will improve your HP notebook’s functionality. To guarantee our customer’s satisfaction, we provide a 30-day return policy, and the extended life batteries are under a one-year warranty.

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