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HP DV8000 12-Cell Laptop Replacement Batteries

12 Cell HP DV8000 Laptop Battery


If you use your HP DV8000 to watch DVDs, a 12-cell battery will ensure that you will reach the end of the movie before the battery loses its charge — even three hour epics. USB Phone World HP DV8000 batteries with 12-cells can double the charge times of the standard six-cell batteries that came standard with these laptops. Battery life was characterized as average by reviewers who tested these machines when they debuted in 2005. The batteries on those laptops were the six-cell variety with charge times in the two hour range. If average is not your thing, bumping up to 12-cells is a must. These batteries are 100 percent compatible with HP laptops including those in the DV8000 series. Imagine watching a movie on DVD that is a whodunit. You have invested about two hours of time in the movie, living through all of the twists and turns in the plot. Just before the “who” in the whodunit is revealed, your computer shuts down because the battery has died. You can save yourself this agony by installing a12-cell lithium ion battery that can stay powered for about four hours. One of the many great things about these batteries at USB Phone World is that they are manufactured to meet or exceed the specifications of the original HP batteries. In addition to the DV8000 series, these 12-cell batteries are compatible with HP Pavilion laptop models including the DV8200 and DV8300.

At USB Phone World, we welcome wholesale buyers as well as customers in search of a single battery. When you buy these batteries in bulk, the price per unit decreases as the amount batteries that you buy increase. All customers can apply codes to add to their savings or to reduce shipping costs. Look for these codes at the website and apply them today.

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