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HP Pavilion DV3 6-Cell Replacement Batteries

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Laptop Battery for HP Pavillion DV3


The HP Pavilion DV3 line of laptop computers continued the tradition of strong entertainment computers when they were released in 2008. The laptops are on the larger, heavier side, making portability an issue. Most users of entertainment-based laptops don’t consider portability as an important feature, however. The availability of strong entertainment suites, TV tuners, speedy processors and large storage space are much more important than toting a lightweight laptop. Battery performance is also important and the original batteries on these units were capable of providing roughly three hours of charge. These well-built laptops can run flawlessly today, particularly with the aid of new battery packs. USB Phone World has compatible six-cell HP Pavilion DV3 battery packs at amazing prices. Our six-cell batteries have been manufactured using the latest lithium battery technology resulting in high quality performance and good usage times. Our HP DV3 batteries are 100 percent compatible to the original batteries and have been optimized to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

The most important piece of advice when considering the purchase of replacement batteries for your laptop is to have either the original battery or the original battery’s product number with you when choosing your new battery. You can enter the product number into the search field at USB Phone World to see compatible batteries for your system. Each battery in stock also includes a list of compatible batteries and laptop model numbers as part of the battery description. If your product numbers are on these lists, you know that the battery that you are viewing will work on your laptop. Installing the wrong battery in your system can cause damage to your computer, especially if the voltage of your replacement battery differs from what your laptop can handle. Our customer service team is available to answer all of your questions regarding laptop batteries.

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