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Compatible Batteries for HP Compaq DM3

Battery for HP Compaq DM3


Our HP Pavilion DM3 replacement laptop battery uses the latest in lithium technology for power efficiency and a lighter weight. The replacement battery uses 6 Grade A cells, features 11.1v for rapid charging, and has a 4400 mAh power capacity. Manufactured to HP Pavilion DM3’s standard battery specifications, these replacement batteries are marked at nearly 75 percent less than the retail cost of a standard battery. Our HP Pavilion DM3 replacement batteries are completely OEM compatible and can be charged by a standard HP AC charger. Laptop batteries inevitably lose their capacity over time, but replacement and back-up batteries ensure your computer is always functioning at peak performance.

These 6-cell replacement batteries are compatible with the HP Pavilion DM3, but the batteries are also compatible with many Pavilion models. It is important, however, to reference your laptop model number and battery parts number when purchasing replacement batteries. Using an incompatible battery has the potential to damage your device. To ensure complete customer satisfaction, these replacement batteries for the HP Pavilion DM3 have a 30-day return policy and are under a one-year warranty. A variety of shipping options and an extended three-year warranty are also available.

Unlike other manufacturers, we activate our batteries during product testing, meaning you do not have to cycle your battery 3 times before using, as suggested by many manufacturers. Once you have received your battery, it is suggested that you charge your battery for 12 hours and discharge it normally for optimal performance. Since the battery is already activated, the batteries will not suffer from memory effect. For back-up battery applications, we suggest you store your battery in moderate temperatures and at a 70 percent capacity charge. Extreme temperatures, no charge and a full charge can degrade your computer battery prematurely.

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HP DM3 Laptop Battery 538692-351 for Pavilion DM3z
Price: $139.95
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