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HP ProBook 4730 Laptop Batteries



If you own an HP ProBook 4730 laptop and new a new battery, USB Phone World is your best resource for purchasing high-quality batteries at low prices. Our replacement batteries are new and are 100 percent OEM compatible and guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. HP ProBook 4730 systems were generally tested as having good battery life with about three and a half hours of use available for surfing the internet before the computer need to be plugged into a wall socket. Those times shortened to about two and half hours when watching a DVD. These laptops use eight-cell lithium ion batteries and USB Phone World has new batteries for these systems at very low prices. These batteries have a voltage of 14.4V and a capacity of 4400mAh. These batteries are guaranteed to perform very well on the HP ProBook 4730. When reviewing our selection of laptop batteries, you will note that each battery description includes a list of compatible laptop models and product numbers. Use this information to select the best battery for your device.

USB Phone World is happy to receive orders from wholesale buyers as well as individuals and the pricing model on these batteries is a reflection of our commitment to wholesale buyers. Our already low prices are reduced further based on the number of units in an individual order. For example, if the battery that you want has a price of $39.95 each for one battery, an order with two to four batteries would be $37.95 each for the batteries. Orders of more than 100 batteries can result in savings of about 15 percent off of the purchase price of one battery and when you factor in the savings of nearly 70 percent off of retail on some of these batteries, you can see that USB Phone World is a great site for purchasing laptop replacement batteries.

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