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Compatible Battery for HP 4431 Laptop

Battery for HP 4431


Batteries naturally lose their capacity over time, typically around 500 cycles, or charges and discharges, and retail costs for an original computer battery are expensive. At USB Phone World, we carry high-quality 4431 compatible batteries at a fraction of the cost of the retail price. Our Grade A 6-cell batteries use the latest in the lithium technology to make the batteries efficient, powerful and light-weight. Our Li-Ion 6-cell batteries have an 11.1v output and a 4400 mAh capacity, but only weigh 320g. Depending on the power setting of the HP ProBook 4431, the replacement batteries can power the laptop for 2 to 3 hours without an external power source.

Our 4431 batteries are thoroughly tested for functionality and to ensure the batteries meet or exceed the original battery’s specifications. The 6-cell batteries are completely OEM compatible with the ProBook 4431, but they are also compatible with other popular ProBook models, such as the 4430, 4331 and 4535 model series. For complete assurance that your replacement battery is completely compatible, it is important to check your model number and battery part’s number before purchasing. Regardless of the model batteries you’re trying to replace, these Li-Ion batteries are 65 percent less than the original battery price.

Our 4431 compatible batteries have a 30-day money back guarantee, and the batteries are under a one-year warranty. If you are intended to use your batteries as a back-up power source, it is important to store your battery correctly to optimize the battery’s lifespan. Laptop batteries should be stored in moderate temperatures with around a 70 percent charge. Fully charged and uncharged batteries degrade faster. Before storing your back-up batteries, however, it is recommended to fully charge your battery for 12 hours and discharge normally. Before storing, charge your battery back to 70 percent.

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