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8 Cell HP 2230 CQ20 Presario Laptop Batteries

8-cell HP 2230 CQ20 Battery


Although HP Compaq Presario CQ20 notebook computers are older in terms of “computer years,� finding and replacing the batteries for these devices is very easy, particularly when shopping at USB Phone World. Compaq Presario CQ20 computers debuted in the latter half of 2008 and were touted as lower cost notebook computers that were good for surfing the web and word processing. These notebooks have good processor speeds and although small in stature, these computers can hold 250GB hard drives and 1GB of memory. The standard batteries for these notebooks are four-cell batteries but users can opt to install higher capacity six-cell and eight-cell batteries. These computers use 65W Compaq laptop chargers to provide power to the battery. As with most laptops, the batteries on these CQ20 computers charge whenever the computer is plugged into a power supply through the AC adapter. The battery charging process is faster when the computer is off, but these batteries do charge when the computer is in use. Note that charging may take longer if the battery is new or has been unused for two weeks. Additionally, battery charging can be affected by temperature. If the battery is much warmer or cooler than room temperature, charging will take longer.

The batteries at USB Phone World for Compaq Presario CQ20 series notebooks are new cells that use lithium ion technology. These batteries are 100 percent OEM compatible and are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Our batteries also include a one year warranty with the option to purchase a warranty that is three years in length. The easiest way to make sure you are selecting the correct battery for your system is by having the part number of the original battery or your notebook model number available when viewing our inventory. All of the battery listings include the parts/product numbers of compatible notebooks. You can also enter your part number into the search field to be taken to pages with compatible batteries for your system.

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8-cell HP 2230 CQ20 Laptop Battery 447649-251
Price: $129.95
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