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Gateway NV52, NV53, NV58, NV78 6-Cell and 12-Cell Replacement Battery

Gateway NV52 NV53 NV58 NV78 battery


The best replacement batteries at the lowest prices for Gateway NV52, NV53, NV58 and NV78 series laptops can be found at USB Phone World. Our 6-cell NV78 batteries operate on 11.1V and a charge capacity of 4400mAh. Weighing approximately 323 grams, these batteries are lighter, more powerful and hold charges longer than the original batteries installed on these laptops. All of our batteries have been manufactured using advanced lithium technology and have been built to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Despite all of the impressive technical specifications on these batteries, the prices of our batteries are very low. In fact, savvy shoppers will notice that our batteries are discounted almost 70 percent off of the retail price. If you are impressed by the technical features and pricing of our batteries but are asking “how long is the warranty of the Gateway model NV52 battery,” the answer is one year for a warranty that is include in the price. Our customers can purchase a three-year warranty at a low additional cost. In addition to 6-cell batteries for these laptops, we also have Gateway NV53 extended batteries in stock. These 12-cell batteries are also available at substantial savings and will provide double the amount of charge time as the 6-cell batteries.

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