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6-Cell Laptop Battery for Dell E6400

6 cell Laptop Battery for Dell E6400

At USB Phone World, we offer high-quality compatible Dell E6400 M replacement batteries for the Dell Latitude 6400. Our Dell laptop battery replacements are brand new (not refurbished) batteries made with the newest lithium-ion technology. Lithium batteries are superior to the older nickel-cadmium batteries because they contain twice the energy density, making it possible for you to have comparable battery life in a smaller and lighter package. These Dell E6400 M batteries contain protective circuitry built into each pack which limits the cell's peak voltage while charging and prevents the voltage from dropping too low during discharge. The cell temperature is also monitored to prevent extreme fluctuations. All of our replacement computer batteries are made to meet or exceed the original manufacturer specifications for performance and safety. The 6-cell Dell E6400 M battery is rated at 11.1V with 4800mAh capacity. Milliampere hours measures the amount of electrical current the battery can supply, multiplied by the number of hours it can operate at that level. This battery is also compatible with the Dell Latitude E6500 series. If your computer has been slowing down and not operating at its best, our Dell laptop battery replacements can get you back to working at your highest potential. They're also great to have on hand as "spares" for long flights and when you're away from your desk for an extended period of time. Certain applications such as 3D computer games and DVD viewing can suck the life out of a battery very quickly. If you have an extra laptop battery, you won't have to worry about not having enough power to get important work done. Maximize the life of your battery by making use of your computer's energy saver mode, turning off unnecessary programs and unplugging any peripherals you're not using.

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