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9 Cell Dell D810 Replacement Battery - C5339


If you're looking for extra power from your Dell laptop computer, we have Dell D810HB replacement batteries that will maximize your productivity and play time. Rated at 11.1V with 6600mAh capacity, these lithium-ion 9-cell batteries will give you the energy you need for DVD viewing on long flights, or when you're out in the field away from a power outlet. Our Dell D810HB batteries are compatible with the Dell Latitude D810, Dell Latitude D840 and Dell Precision M70, and are made to meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications for performance and safety. Lithium-ion batteries, while superior in energy density to those made from nickel-cadmium, are susceptible to temperature and humidity, which can cause them to degrade over time. This may lead to decreased ability to hold a charge and sudden shut-downs. Our Dell laptop battery replacements will help to prevent any accidental data loss, and will keep your computer running strong. For frequent travelers, it's a good idea to keep a spare Dell laptop battery on hand, and with our affordable prices, it's easy to do that. To get the longest run time from your Dell D810HB battery, follow these important steps. Close any applications you're not currently using, and make sure any energy saving features are turned on in your computer's control panel (such as automatic shut down during periods of inactivity). Disconnect any peripherals such as USB drives, and turn off scheduled tasks. Dimming the screen brightness will also help to conserve battery power. With lithium-ion batteries, it is best to use the battery until it reaches 20-30 percent of its capacity and then recharge. Unlike with the older nickel-based batteries, more frequent charging is recommended for lithium-based batteries. You should also calibrate the gauge, after 30 discharge cycles, for optimal performance. We have replacement computer batteries for many Dell models as well as for other laptop brands, and offer unsurpassed customer service.

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