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Dell Inspiron 1420 & Vostro 1400 Extended-Life Batteries

9-Cell Dell Inspiron 1420 Battery 7200mAh

Dell is one of the most reliable, innovative laptop brands, with models catering toward computer owners ranging from the studios undergraduate to the young child to the on-the-go executive. No matter how reliable your computer, however, it doesn’t help you much when your battery starts to go. Faulty batteries can happen despite your best efforts, but when they do USB Phone World is here to help. We carry a large assortment of 9-cell batteries for Inspiron 1420 laptops and Dell Vostro 1400 battery replacements at prices that are much lower than those of physical stores and other retailers, saving you money while improving the overall performance and portability of your Dell laptop. If you’re looking to purchase one single extended Dell Inspiron 1420 battery, USB Phone World offers great low prices on every brand new battery product. Because these items are independently made rather than coming from the computer company, we can charge much less and still deliver you the same resilient design and high quality technologies. For those teachers, mothers, bosses or other large group members looking to purchase a large assortment of Dell batteries, USB Phone World has a deal for you as well. Our bulk rates will save you money on every individual item purchased, so the more you order the more you’ll save. No matter what type of computer owner you are, USB Phone World can help you out when you’re searching for an affordable replacement battery. These batteries all come with reliable 12-month warranties to guarantee your full satisfaction, keeping you covered in the case of damage or malfunction. If you’d like even more extra protection, 2- and 3-year warranties are also available for just a bit more. Check back often for our frequent coupon codes, free shipping offers and much more and you’ll save even more than expected on your 9-cell Dell laptop battery.

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