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4800mAh Dell Inspiron 1420 Battery 6-Cell

Dell Inspiron 1420 Battery 6-cell 4800mAh

This may come as a surprise, but the quality of your laptop battery can determine how well your system operates and how productive you are. If your battery is not performing well, the computer might slow down or even shut down automatically while playing a game, watching a DVD movie or using some other power-hungry application. You can prevent this from happening with one of our high-performance Dell 1420 M replacement batteries. Our Dell laptop battery replacements, like all our laptop batteries, are not secondhand refurbished products. These are brand new batteries that are manufactured to meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specifications for voltage, current, capacity and safety. They are rigorously tested for stability, reliability and performance, and we offer them to you at low prices, making our replacement computer batteries a tremendous value. These 6-cell lithium-ion Dell 1420 M batteries are rated at 11.1V with 4800mAh capacity, and we guarantee full satisfaction with our first-class customer service. Our Dell 1420 m battery gives you optimal performance and the longest running time possible for your Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop. Batteries can degrade over time and eventually will no longer be able to hold a charge. Having a spare Dell laptop battery on hand will take away any worry about suddenly losing power on a long flight or a visit to a client. There are important tips for increasing overall battery life. When not in use, batteries should be stored away from excessive heat and humidity, with a 40 percent charge. You should also regularly calibrate the gauge to ensure correct readings of remaining battery time during discharge. Proper maintenance and smart battery operation (such as making use of your computer's energy saving mode) will keep your laptop batteries in top condition.

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