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Replacement Dell Inspiron 1320 Series Battery

Battery for Dell Inspiron 1320

Has your laptop computer been "lagging" while on battery power only during gaming, DVD viewing or other high-power usage? If it's an older computer and you've never replaced the battery, it might be time to get a new one. We offer Dell 1320B replacement batteries for your Dell Inspiron 1320. While the newer lithium-ion batteries are superior to nickel-cadmium batteries in energy density, they can degrade over time, especially if they're exposed to heat and humidity. Our replacement computer batteries, manufactured to meet or surpass OEM specifications, will keep your computer at its best. The Dell 1320B battery is rated at 11.1V with 4400mAh capacity. Milliampere hours indicates the amount of electrical current the battery supplies, multiplied by the number of hours it can continue to operate. All of our Dell laptop battery replacements are brand new (not refurbished) and are rigorously tested for reliability, performance and safety. Another reason to consider purchasing one of our high-performance Dell 1320B batteries is if you do a lot of traveling away from your home or office. Certain applications such as CD and DVD burning, watching movies and playing 3D graphics-intensive games can drain a battery more quickly than word processing and spreadsheet applications. With a premium-grade Dell laptop battery from USB Phone World, you'll have a spare on hand when it's time to get some work done. Our Dell 1320B battery is guaranteed to make you more productive, and there are some important tips to extend battery life. When not in use, store the battery in a cool, dry place at a 40 percent charge. Periodically calibrate the gauge to get an accurate reading of battery usage and time remaining. See your computer's user manual for instructions.

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