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Apple M8433 Replacement Battery for iBook G3, G4

Apple M8433 Replacement Battery

At USB Phone World, we carry Apple M8433 replacement batteries that meet or surpass OEM specifications for the Apple iBook G3 and G4 15-inch computer models. Our rechargeable 6-cell premium carbon lithium oxide batteries have a maximum storage capacity of 4400mAh and are rated at 10.8V. They'll fit your system perfectly and will operate exactly like the original batteries that were shipped with these laptop computers. Whether you only use your laptop to connect with the office while out of town visiting clients, or if you're a power user who plays 3D games, creates multimedia and burns DVDs, your Apple laptop battery is one of the most critical parts of your computer. You might find this surprising, but if you suddenly run out of juice on a long flight, your productivity will come to a complete standstill. Even if you try to avoid energy hogging programs, shut down applications when not in use and keep the Energy Saver mode engaged, laptop batteries will degrade over time even with normal usage, and eventually they won't hold a charge. If you've noticed a drop in your laptop's performance, you might need a new Apple M8433 battery. At USB Phone World, we offer the highest quality Apple laptop battery replacements at low prices with first-rate customer support. This adds up to peace of mind, knowing you have high quality components in your system and that you made a smart economical choice. These Apple M8433 batteries are rated at 10.8V with 4400mAh storage capacity. They're built to OEM specifications, so they'll fit your older iBook perfectly and will perform exactly like the batter that was originally shipped with the computer. We stock replacement computer batteries for many Apple laptop models and other top-name brands.

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