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A1057/G4 Battery for Apple PowerBook G4 17-inch series

Apple A1057 G4 Battery

Our Apple G4 1057 replacement batteries are designed for maximum efficiency and long-lasting performance. These advanced, lithium-based batteries meet all Apple G4 1057 battery requirements for the Apple PowerBook G4 17-inch series. If you're looking for an Apple A1039 A1057 laptop battery, USB Phone World has the best quality products at guaranteed low prices. Our Apple laptop battery replacements include smart chips in the internal circuit board that monitor various battery functions such as performance, temperature and voltage output. These are important factors for keeping your computer running at an optimal level. With the advanced monitoring features of our Apple G4 1057 batteries, you can concentrate more on your work and less on computer maintenance. This 1 pound, 6 cell apple laptop battery takes away the worry of losing power and possibly important data. We carry a range of replacement computer batteries for Apple models. There are some important tips for extending the life of your Apple A1057 battery and getting the best possible performance. With the older nickel-based batteries, it was recommended that you fully discharge and then recharge for maximum performance. This is not the case for lithium-based batteries. In fact, you should avoid full discharges, as it puts stress on the battery and might damage it. Instead, use the battery until it reaches 20-30 percent of its full capacity before recharging. It is better for lithium-based batteries to do more frequent charging. You should also calibrate the gauge, after 30 discharge cycles, to ensure accurate readings of remaining power available. This will prevent surprise shut-offs. You should also keep your battery away from excessive heat and moisture. Be careful not to hit, nick, crush or otherwise damage the Apple 1057 battery, and avoid leaving it in direct sunlight, as a hot battery loses its charge quickly. Proper care of your Apple replacement batteries will keep them performing at their peak for the longest time. For the best prices, high-quality service and customer satisfaction, buy your replacement batteries, adapters and other electronic parts from USB Phone World.

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