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Apple M7385 Battery for G3 PowerBook

Apple M7385 G3 Battery

At USB Phone World, we carry replacement computer batteries for older systems that may be more difficult to find. Our Apple G3 M7385 replacement batteries are specially made for the Apple PowerBook G3 computer, which was discontinued in 2001. This Apple laptop battery has the same efficient recharging capability and long standby mode time as the manufacturer's original, at our everyday low prices. Our Apple G3 M7385 batteries have been designed to meet OEM specifications. They're powerful, rechargeable 9-cell carbon lithium oxide batteries that are rated at 10.8 V with a maximum storage capacity of 6600mAh. All of our replacement computer batteries are backed by our 100 percent customer satisfaction commitment, and our customer service representatives are here to help you with any question you might have. Having an Apple G3 M7385 battery as a spare is a good idea if you frequently travel and are away from a power outlet. This is especially true if you enjoy playing computer games, watching DVDs or burning CD-R's, all of which can quickly drain power from your battery. To conserve your battery's energy during a long airplane ride or away from your desk, try to limit these activities, or purchase one of our Apple laptop battery replacements. There are other steps you can take to minimize battery energy usage. Try dimming the screen brightness on your laptop, and shutting down applications you're not using. If you aren't connected to the internet or a network, you should turn off Airport Wireless and Bluetooth Wireless, as these features burn through battery power even when not in use. Eject any CDs or DVDs from internal drives, and disconnect any unnecessary peripheral devices. Being conscientious will get you the most life from your laptop battery.

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