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Macbook 17 Battery A1309 7.4 V 95Wh

Mabook 17 Battery A1309 7.4V 95Wh

At USB Phone World, we offer Apple A1309B replacement batteries for the Apple 17-inch MacBook Pro. They're 7.4V and rated at 95Wh. In listings for replacement computer batteries, you'll see terms like "Wh" and "mAh." Wh means "watt hours." This is a measure of the battery's energy content, specifically the amount of power (in watts) the battery can supply, multiplied by how many hours it can keep going before running out. Milliampere hours (mAh) is more common. This measures the amount of electrical current the battery is able to supply multiplied by the number of hours. For example, 3000mAh means 3000 milliamps of current per hour. Our Apple A1309B battery is a high-quality and high-performance laptop battery, manufactured to OEM specifications to perform exactly like those that were factory shipped with the original computers. To get the most from your Apple laptop battery, be sure your computer is in its Energy Saver mode when operating on battery power only. Shut off any applications you're not currently using, and minimize your use of applications that quickly drain energy, such as DVD viewing and gaming. Consider dimming your screen if you don't need it so bright, as this can also save considerable power. If you're frequently on the road, our Apple A1309B batteries are great as reliable back-ups for emergency situations when you can't get to a power outlet. A laptop battery's lifespan is typically 3-5 years maximum. As time passes, the battery will begin to lose its ability to hold a charge, and you'll notice a drop in performance. If you've had your system for a few years, it is probably time to look at our low-priced Apple laptop battery replacements.

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