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Apple MacBook Pro 17-Inch Battery A1189

Apple MacBook PRO 17" Battery A1189

Your Apple laptop battery is one of the most important components in your computer, but it is often overlooked for other additions such as internal memory and peripherals. If you play computer games, watch DVD movies and burn CDRs, or if you frequently travel for business with no access to a wall outlet, you should pay attention to battery usage and have replacement computer batteries on hand. We carry Apple A1189 M replacement batteries for the Apple MacBook Pro 17-inch computer. These are high-end Apple laptop battery replacements made to OEM specifications for this particular model. Our Apple A1189 M battery has lithium-ion cells, high-performance protection circuitry and is 100 percent compatible with the MacBook Pro. As part of your regular computer maintenance, Apple A1189 M batteries should be occasionally replaced. They'll wear down slowly over time and you might not always realize when they need attention. This is why it's good to keep an extra on-hand. To increase the battery life of your Apple laptop battery replacements, it is recommended that you charge the battery to 100 percent each time and then use it and not plug the computer back in until the battery is at 20-30 percent of its full capacity. With the older nickel-based batteries, it was recommended that you fully discharge and then recharge for maximum performance, but this is not the case for lithium-based batteries. In fact, you should avoid full discharges, as it puts stress on the battery and might damage it. USB Phone World has replacement laptop batteries for Apple as well as other top-name manufacturers. We also offer exceptional customer service.

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