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Apple 17 Inch  A1189 Laptop Battery 661-3974 High Quality
Apple 17 Inch  A1189 Laptop Battery 661-3974 High Quality

Apple 17 Inch A1189 Laptop Battery 661-3974 High Quality

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Product Description


This macbook laptop battery 661-3974 for pro 17 A1151, like many other laptop batteries, has management cells and charge control cells, the former abounding with a series of registers, capacities, temperature, ID, charge state, discharge times, and other values. These values gradually vary in the battery′s real application. It is widely considered that the introduction to using the battery tends to stress the need to fully charge and discharge it after its being used for a month, in order that some inappropriate values within the register can be revised, and that the battery′s charge control and labeled capacity can be let tally with its real working situations.

The charge control cells of this macbook laptop battery 661-3974 for pro 17 A1151 is designed to primarily control its charging process. It needs to be mentioned that its charging process can be divided into two stages: constant current fast charging stage (when the color of the battery′s indicator is yellow) and constant voltage current progressive decrease stage. In the former stage, the electric voltage of the battery gradually rises to its standard electric voltage, and then transfers itself to the constant voltage stage under the management of the control cells, in which case, the electric voltage will stop going up, so as to have the battery avoid being overcharged, and its electric current will gradually decrease to zero with the rise of its electric quantity, and finally the charging process is to come to a complete stop. A good mastery of this important little skill by general users is a must for their correct operation of battery charging and discharging.


Apple 17 Inch A1189 Laptop Battery 661-3974 High Quality

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