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Apple MA600LL/A-A1175 Laptop Battery for  15-inch Series
Apple MA600LL/A-A1175 Laptop Battery for  15-inch Series


Apple MA600LL/A-A1175 Laptop Battery for 15-inch Series

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Apple 2312662-1-A1175 Laptop Battery for MacBook Pro 15-inch Series
High Capacity version of this product also available at the following link:

Product Description

Product Description:

2312662-1-A1175, as one of the most popular Apple Macbook batteries, now is issued its compatible version by USBPHONEWORLD. 2312662-1-A1175 battery is compatible with many Apple Macbook Laptops, such as Apple MacBook Pro 15" A1150, Apple MacBook Pro 15" MA463, and Apple MacBook Pro 15" MA463ZH/HD100. The USBPHONEWORLD carry this brand new high-quality compatible battery for these Apple Macbook Laptop models with a better reasonable sale price, and we can guarantee our customers that our 2312662-1-A1175 battery is 100% compatible with the Apple Macbook Laptops, and it also meet or exceed the Original Battery's Specifications in many areas. Our 2312662-1-A1175 battery is a 6-cell, 10.8v compatible battery with the 5600mAh capacity. It gives users around two to three hours usage time. This compatible battery is easy to carry when travelling. For customer's convenience, USBPHONEWORLD offers the different shipping options which make sure that the customers can reveice the battery on time as their requests. Furthermore, we also have a wonderful warranty plan: one year free warranty came with the battery and 3 years optional extended warranty with only $39.95.

Please note the best way to find a compatible battery is to use the original battery's model number or part number to search by our search engine. This can make sure that you order the right battery. The part number normally on the original battery is only like A1175 or MA348LL/A, these part numbers refer to the same battery that 2312662-1-A1175 can compatible with.

Apple MA600LL/A-A1175 Laptop Battery for 15-inch Series

Price: $129.95 $69.95Discount: 46%Warranty: