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Acer Replacement Battery 8 cell for Acer Selected 4000 Series - MS2169

Acer Replacement Battery 8 cell for Acer Selected 4000 Series - MS2169

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Item # LBARA1680B150
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Acer Replacement Battery 8 cell for Acer TravelMate 4000 Series - MS2169
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Product Description


    What an important thing it is to keep Acer notebook computers working under good circumstances continuously. If so, selecting a suitable battery like MS2169 is the primary task for you before taking any action in system, management software or hard disk.

    As far as is running speed is concerned, once the output voltage for mother board comes to be lower than 14.8V, it means your laptop system will be slower and slower with battery aging. It is disappointed that no one can save it, including replacement motherboard or increasing internal memory. After all, lacking of power energy, all these parts will take the backup measurement and reduce in performance.

    Therefore, if you donít have considered about the cooperation and compatibility, it is also harmful to your Acer Aspire, Travelmate or Extensa laptop computers. And our MS2169 laptop battery has got precise internal circuits design and tests on all these compatible original Acer models as follows. Comparatively, this battery can not only fit well but will optimize your computer work situations as well. After installing, you can feel easy with your projects and entertainments in hard disk and online browsers.

    Since the battery is important to users, USB Phone World has also provided users fruitful after-sale service items in one year warranty. Pay attention to our activities and status, you can get more benefits.

Acer Replacement Battery 8 cell for Acer Selected 4000 Series - MS2169

Price: $129.95 $33.25, 2/$63.18, 5/$154.61, 10/$299.25, 100/$2,826.25Discount: 74%Warranty: