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Acer Laptop Battery 3000 Series- LCBTP03003,acer aspire 1690wlmi

Acer Laptop Battery 3000 Series- LCBTP03003,acer aspire 1690wlmi

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Acer Replacement Battery 8 cell for Acer Aspire 3000 Series - LCBTP03003
High Capacity version of this product also available at the following link:

Product Description


    The product we provided in this page is a replacement battery LCBTP03003 for Acer Extensa, Aspire and Travelmate series.

    Do we need to remove the lithium-ion battery when the external charger is available?

    In fact, many insiders and users have discussed about this problem before with distinct viewpoints. And we think there’s no need to remove the batteries. There is no doubt that self-discharging has occurred if it is not in charging. And the battery will recharge when a nominal value has reached in remaining power. However, we have some other reasons.

    Nowadays, the notebook computers have all got such a design in protection circuits that the battery LCBTP03003 will only restart to charge when the power energy has reached 90%-95%. It seems to be only a small part, but such a value costs more than 2 weeks. That is to say, even if it has recharged at the time of 95% power energy remained, it won’t be frequently. On the other hand, a recharging cycle is not calculated by a real quantity of charging but the nature capacity. The protection circuits with the latest technologies are smart enough to complete it. Comparatively, our Acer LCBTP03003 8-cell battery needs activation before working normally on the Acer notebook computers and the storage places and methods are captious.

Acer Laptop Battery 3000 Series- LCBTP03003,acer aspire 1690wlmi

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