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Acer Replacement Battery 8 cell for Acer Laptop 1640 Series - LCBTP03003


Acer Replacement Battery 8 cell for Acer Laptop 1640 Series - LCBTP03003

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Item # LBARA1680B123
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Acer Replacement Battery 8 cell for Acer Aspire 1640 Series - LCBTP03003
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Product Description


    Memory is sweet to someone while memory effect is not welcomed by consumer electronics users. As lithium-ion battery is of little memory effect, our Acer laptop battery LCBTP03003 is flexible enough to charge Acer Aspire, Travelmate and Extensa laptop models wherever users are.

    In the past, users need to charge the laptop batteries for more than 8 hours at the first time of use. Since such an age has ended, the new lithium-ion battery has occupied the market with time goes by. And our Acer LCBTP03003 with 8 cells is just a powerful one among them.

    After you have received this brand new battery, users just need to install it into the motherland computer carefully and charge it fully before work normally. Without limitation of memory effect, it can reach the maximum performance in terms of capacity, standby time and even service life.

    Of course, if you are doubt about the battery security, our Acer LCBTP03003 laptop battery has the same confidence as we can eliminate memory effect. In addition to the control circuitry, other three-dimensional structure, iron-phosphate particles and other materials will improve conductivity to be more powerful in many aspects of charging, supplying and storing.

Acer Replacement Battery 8 cell for Acer Laptop 1640 Series - LCBTP03003

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