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Acer Replacement Battery 8 cell for Acer Laptop 1640 Series - 916C2990


Acer Replacement Battery 8 cell for Acer Laptop 1640 Series - 916C2990

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Item # LBARA1680B110
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Acer Replacement Battery 8 cell for Acer Aspire 1640 Series - 916C2990
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Product Description


    It is time to replace your Acer laptop battery whether your old batteries can work normally or not. We believe our Acer replacement battery 916C2990 can meet all sort of your demands.

    As to a lithium-ion battery, the performance is related to recharging cycles, work situations, stability, durability and usage methods. And this Acer laptop battery with 8 cells can last long enough in the first use and later work. Thanks to the high-precise protection circuits, we are able to extend the performance to last longer and keep the performance in the nominal values. With the help of surrounding circuits and components, these 8 cells play fully in supplying output power and preventing from reduction.

    Recharging cycles are the basic characteristics of lithium-ion cells that can also determined the battery service life. Even so, it doesn抰 mean that they are the only judging factors while proper usage methods and suitable work situations are very important to ensure if such recharging cycles can be realized in reality. As long as you can follow the instructions of correct operations, in cool and dry places with enough rest time, this Acer 916C2990 laptop battery can be with your Acer laptop models with good performance.

Acer Replacement Battery 8 cell for Acer Laptop 1640 Series - 916C2990

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