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Acer Replacement Battery 8 cell for Acer Laptop 1680 Series - BT-T5007-002


Acer Replacement Battery 8 cell for Acer Laptop 1680 Series - BT-T5007-002

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Item # LBARA1680B94
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Acer Replacement Battery 8 cell for Acer Aspire 1410 Series - BT-T5007-002
High Capacity version of this product also available at the following link:

Product Description


    There抮e all sorts of stories about laptop battery related to both succeed and failure situations. Since the day you have taken use of this battery BT-T5007-002, the bright future is coming with enough power energy as you can work on your Acer laptop computers conveniently in good performance.

    How can we replace the BT-T5007-002 battery properly or store it if not in use?

    After removing the old battery, please clear the interface and put the new Acer replacement battery into the laptop computer carefully. After all, both batteries and laptop computers are susceptible to dust and damp. Please avoid charge the battery for many hours at the first use. With little memory effect, there抯 no use to charge it by 12 hours or more.

    If not in use, this Acer replacement battery can also be kept in good conditions as long as it is put in cool and dry places. Please remain some power energy inside by about 40 to 50 percent. As self-consuming will occur if not in use, this Acer laptop battery BT-T5007-002 is unreasonable to be lack of power for a long period.

    Except for all these, it is of great significance for users to check if this Acer laptop battery is compatible to your computer correctly. Please read the following compatibility information carefully.

Acer Replacement Battery 8 cell for Acer Laptop 1680 Series - BT-T5007-002

Price: $129.95 $37.97, 2/$72.14, 5/$176.56, 10/$341.73, 100/$3,227.45Discount: 71%Warranty: