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AS10D51 Acer Laptop Battery 10.8 Volt Li-ion 4400mAh 48Wh
AS10D51 Acer Laptop Battery 10.8 Volt Li-ion 4400mAh 48Wh

AS10D51 Acer Laptop Battery 10.8 Volt Li-ion 4400mAh 48Wh

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Acer Replacement Battery 6 cell for Acer Aspire 4741 Series - AS10D51
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Product Description


As most users know, it is awkward to use properly the acer replacement battery 6 cell for 4741 AS10D51 when put into a laptop computer, because the degree of its properties and potential behavior is hard to be familiar with. This battery is aimed at an investment of the laptop computer with an ability for mobile employment, and yet compared with a cell phone and MD which can keep working for several days or even a week, seems more awkward. Despite the origination of complaints of many users from the probability of the inability of this battery to work only eight hours, this battery is already able to pride itself on its such behavior. In the case of the battery within the contemporary market, most of the batteries are adoptive of Li-ion batteries, the primary reason for which issues from the fact that Li-ion batteries, otherwise referred to as chargeable batteries, rely on the movement of its lithium between the positive and the negative pole to keep them working.

It should be noted that lithium of this acer replacement battery 6 cell for 4741 AS10D51, in the course of its charge and discharge, goes between the two poles back and forth to set itself embedded in and come out of them. In its charge, the lithium goes out of the positive pole and into the negative pole by passing through the electrolyte; the situation of its discharge is just the opposite. Generally speaking, lithium materials are adopted into the two poles of the battery, which makes it a representative battery of high properties in the contemporary age. Why does this battery take the place of many previous types of batteries? Because this battery has very little remarkable memory effect, and can be charged and discharged at any time.


AS10D51 Acer Laptop Battery 10.8 Volt Li-ion 4400mAh 48Wh

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