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Acer Replacement Battery 6 cell for Acer Laptop 2920 Series - BT-00904-003

Acer Replacement Battery 6 cell for Acer Laptop 2920 Series - BT-00904-003

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Acer Replacement Battery 6 cell for Acer Aspire 2920 Series - BT-00904-003
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Product Description


    As is known to all, lithium-ion laptop battery is composed by three parts, fire-proof shell, lithium-ion cells and internal circuits. All of them have played their unique roles in regular use. That is to say, as a qualified Acer replacement battery, BT-00904-003 should be optimized and dominates in all these three parts.

    To be sure, all the batteries in the market have got these three necessary accessories while they are distinct from each other in performance, electrochemical properties, comfortability and lifespan. If you want, please contact with our online customer service and we will show users the details about this Acer 6-cell laptop battery BT-00904-003 seriously.

    The core part of this brand new battery comes to be the cells in terms of both quantity and quality. Obviously, these 6 cells made in Japan have been proved to supply output power of 49W in most of cases even if it has past a long period of use.

    Mean while, the indicating part has got more communications with us like remaining capacity, recharging cycles while it can show the status and performance of Acer BT-00904-003 laptop battery in daily work and protect the cells from overheating and overloading. Comparatively, the shells are the last barriers for batteries to be security and stably.

Acer Replacement Battery 6 cell for Acer Laptop 2920 Series - BT-00904-003

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