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6-cell Laptop Battery UM09f70 for Acer Aspire 1420 Series,aspire 1420p

6-cell Laptop Battery UM09f70 for Acer Aspire 1420 Series,aspire 1420p

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Discount: 77%
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6-cell Laptop Battery UM09f70 for Acer Aspire 1420 Series

Product Description


6 cell UM09F36 4400mAh Primary battery for selected Acer laptop

UM09F36, replacement the battery with AK.006BT.069, BT.00603.105,BT.00607.114;

Its rate at 11.1V/4400mAh, which replaccement the battery with UM09F70, LC32SD128;

Battery life can be upto 2-3 hours for select the model such as: ACER Aspire 1420P, Aspire 1820PT, Aspire 1825;

It can also be used on many other Acer laptop models which can be seen in the list of Compatible laptop models, such as Aspire Timeline 1820, Aspire Timeline 1825, Aspire Timeline 1820P;

As long as the use of A- Grade Cells, high-quality protection board, mature production technology and process;

Providing high-quality products and after-sales service is our unswerving pursuit of the goal.

  • Color: White
  • Weight: 310g
  • Condition: New
  • Voltage: 11.1V
  • Capacity: 4400mAh
  • Technology: 6-cell lithium ion
  • Dimensions: 225.80 x 50.40 x 20.10 Length(mm)
  • Warranty: 12 Months with option of 3 years warranty
  • Buy a 3-year Extended Warranty for your laptop battery,? please follow this link
  • 100% OEM compatible, Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM
Compatible Laptop MPNs:
AK.006BT.069 BT.00603.105 BT.00607.114 UM09F36 UM09F70 LC32SD128
Compatible Laptop Models:
  • Aspire 1420P
  • Aspire 1825PTZ-413G32n
  • Aspire Timeline 1825PTZ
  • Aspire 1420P-232G16n
  • Aspire 1825PTZ-412G32n
  • Aspire Timeline 1825PTZ-413G32n
  • Aspire 1820PTZ-734G32N
  • Aspire 1825PTZ-414G32n
  • Aspire Timeline 1820
  • Aspire 1820PT
  • Aspire 1825PT-734G32i
  • Aspire Timeline 1820PTZ
  • Aspire 1820TP
  • Aspire 1825PTZ-413G25n
  • Aspire Timeline 1825
  • Aspire 1820PTZ
  • Aspire Timeline 1825PT
  • Aspire Timeline 1825PTZ -734g32n
  • Aspire 1825
  • Aspire Timeline 1825PTZ-413g25n
  • Aspire Timeline 1825PTZ-414G32N
  • Aspire 1825PTZ
  • Aspire Timeline 1820PT
  • Aspire Timeline 1820P
  • Aspire 1825PT
  • Aspire Timeline 1820PTZ-413G16N
  • Aspire Timeline 1820PTZ - 413G16N

6-cell Laptop Battery UM09f70 for Acer Aspire 1420 Series,aspire 1420p

Price: $129.95 $29.95Discount: 77%Warranty: