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Acer  5420 AC Adapter,EXTENSA-5420-AC-ADAPTER
Acer  5420 AC Adapter,EXTENSA-5420-AC-ADAPTER

Acer 5420 AC Adapter,EXTENSA-5420-AC-ADAPTER

Retail Price:$129.00
Discount: 88%
Your Price:$14.95
AC Cord: 
Item # LAAC1947425BM311
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The world has all kinds of possibilities for our life. Therefore, Acer laptop charger has compatible and original sections. And this is a high performance PA-1900-24 that is in exceeded to OEM section standard. In most cases, people think original products to be better, but such a perception should be changed according to the industry situations. With 90 Wattage output power supply (19V * 4.74A), the OEM specifications will update to a new high level that can all arrive the Acer laptop parts efficiently. Accordingly, the working circumstances of playing will optimize to a great range while no difference to all these compatible Acer notebook models, which should also give the credit to its control circuit and primary materials. PA-1900-24 is a magical laptop charger for Acer Aspire, TravelMate or Extensa. And please donít forget to maintain it with good cares after receiving.

Acer 5420 AC Adapter,EXTENSA-5420-AC-ADAPTER

Price: $129.00 $14.95Discount: 88%AC Cord: